No one hears my cries!

under-water-photographyHere I am the same
Here no one calls me names.

The water my place to hide
From the world where they preside.

Those who would cause me pain
How much more can I sustain?

No one hears my cries
These bullies I so despise
How do I ever disguise
The hurt seen through these eyes
The thoughts of their demise
Are the only ones I can comprise
Will it really be a surprise
If this only ends when someone dies?


Poem written for the Picture It & Write challenge using the photo above for inspiration. I went a little dark with my take, but to me the kid’s facial expression in the picture seemed to contain hidden pain. I ended with a view on bullying based on the reports and news we see almost daily. I know bullying has been around always but I don’t understand when it started causing all the thoughts of suicide and murder. What happened to cause this to be an idea todays youth would have? When did death become such a common part of childhood?

Author: JED

The Notorious J.E.D. Just a guy who writes about a little of everything and even adds in a laugh or two sometimes.