Life Steps


As I walked up those stairs for the final time my life flashed by.

On the first step I was a child, innocent and new to the world. The second saw a young man anxious to get out on his own. With the third step I found love and was no longer alone.

On the fourth I was joined by little ones looking up at me smiling as I recognized myself in their beautiful eyes. The fifth brought heartache as I watched my soulmate taken away and those beautiful little ones’ eyes fill with tears.

The sixth step was the hardest. It brought along sickness and sadness. The hardship of life’s final stages. Now at the top I looked back at those crumbled stairs looking as old and worn as I felt.

I smiled thinking what those old stairs had seen and the places they helped lead to. Soon they would be gone leaving only a memory. That, it seemed, was life.

As for me well, I’m headed across this lush green grass at the top to meet my soulmate once again and leave only a memory behind. See you when you find your stairs.

Written for this weeks Friday Fictioneers prompt and inspired by the photo above. I went a little over my 100 words but it’s been a while since I was limited on word count.

Been busy, busy

So hi all. What’s been going on? As the title to this post says I’ve been busy, busy.

At one time I was posting here on this blog nearly every day. Then I found my way to attempt book writing and I was caught up in the excitement of something new. I figured maybe it was time for an update.

The books have not made me a millionaire yet, but I do have a few pennies that I didn’t before. I’ve managed my way to completing six books now. Three in the Dragon in my Garage kids series I started with along with a short companion story that I offer free to hopefully interest people in the others. I’ve also published two rhyming picture books for smaller kids about a friendly, imaginative monster.

I have big plans for this year too. A couple new series, two more dragon books and an attempt at writing for an older audience with a sci-fi novel.

Some of the reason I haven’t been blogging here was I was trying to decide where I wanted to go. Being that I want to let people know about the author stuff this blog didn’t quite fit. It was designed originally as a place I could write, vent and just be creative with complete anonymity. I even let my address lapse so it’s jedsplayhouse.wordpress now. Did I want to keep blogging here, create a new page or change the blog name? I couldn’t decide.

In the meantime I still found a way to be creative. I started a new site to help out fellow authors I met and hopefully myself. It’s called The Jed Says and is a place to see books for kids promoted, reviewed and lots of other great info. Would love to have you’ll check it out.

I finally decided to establish a place those that read my books and wanted to know more about my author side could go to. It’s not a blog necessarily, it’s more an advertising, informative site under my real name John E. Dorey. There you can find out about all my books and future projects. Also I don’t have to constantly push them here when I have a separate author site.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. What’s everyone else been doing? Have you missed me? Actually don’t answer that. Just stop in and say hi and I’ll be happy.

See you soon with my next post.

I know, I know…But how about a party?

Hi all. I know it’s been a while but I am still here and the same old JED. The last month plus has just been hectic and a bit of a mess. I’ve worked way too much, had a few family things and of course, been involved in the book writing phase.

It’s amazing how fast you can let something you enjoy interrupt other things. The initial phase is over I think now. I’ve involved myself enough that in four months I’ve produced four separate titles. Granted they are all books geared to kids but I’m still quite amazed at my own accomplishment.

Speaking of, I’ve learned a lot in the time I’ve been doing this already. I’ve been networking, learning from other authors and revamping my own ideas when needed. I’ve changed my covers and even tried my hand at something I never thought about before. So with all this I’m about to release my third book in the Dragon in My Garage series starring Spark.


It’s a Halloween themed story called Trick, Treat or Dragon
but also builds on the history of my own dragon universe. I’ve set up an event through Facebook and am inviting everyone I can to the release on October 1st. I couldn’t do this without remembering all my WordPress friends who supported me and helped get me to this point.

A couple of things I have planned for the event include free downloads of book one and two on October 1st and a contest to Name That Ghost. Anyone can enter to name the ghost on the cover of the book by entering using the comments on the Facebook post. One winner will receive Paperback copies of the all three books in the series.

So please come over for a visit at

Click on picture to join the party
Click on picture to join the party

At the party you can find out all the info, enter the contest and even see the new book trailer.

By the way the thing I never imagined doing I mentioned earlier, well it’s the fourth book that has nothing to do with Spark but instead stars a new creation Clarence Monster. I got the notion one day to try my hand at a rhyming type bedtime story for smaller kids and ended with Monster, Monster in the Tree If you get a chance check it out and let me know what you think. So far it’s been all good reviews.

I promise to rejoin the blogging world soon and revive my weekly comic. Thank you for your patience.